“Il Cedro del Libano” is the perfect tourist guide for the promotion of Puglia and Basilicata regions through Cultural Tourism.
A trip among art, history, enogastronomy and tradition.

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Cathedrals above the sea

The religion cradle

Puglia is a land rich of unique treasures, in every historical centre, from the bigger to the smaller villages.
In this tour you will have the pleasure to visit three important and old cities: Bari, Trani e Castel del Monte, architectual beauties wich are the pride of this region.
The chief town of this region, Bari, extends along the Adriatic Sea, and it’s the meeting place and different religions and populations.
Trani, a white-stone treasure on the Adriatic Sea, has one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Puglia, and a picturesque historical centre.
Lastly, Castel del Monte, whose octagonal-shaped castle of Frederick II is the best business card for the whole region il cui castello ottagonale di Federico II rappresenta il miglior biglietto da visita per l’intera region.

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