“Il Cedro del Libano” is the perfect tourist guide for the promotion of Puglia and Basilicata regions through Cultural Tourism.
A trip among art, history, enogastronomy and tradition.

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The ``tarantata`` land

From Brindisi to Santa Maria di Leuca, between the coastal road and typical villages that tell the story of this wonderful land, there is the Salento, the heel of Italy.
In the past, Salento was part of the old Land of Otranto, is now known for its savage and rugged coastline, “the Maldives of Italy“, which attract tourists from all over the world. It is known also for its art and the story of its population, that dakes back to the time of the Messapi.
Take your time to enjoy the magnificences of Salento.
You will admire the splendor of Brindisi, with its treasures of the Roman domination; Lecce, the Baroque city, the Region capital of this sub-region; Gallipoli, the Kalòs Polis of Ionian Sea; Galatina and its tradition of the “pizzicate”; Otranto, considered the Oriental Door of Italy, and lastly you will reach the borders of the white-land, Santa Maria di Leuca, the most extreme point of the peninsula.

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