“Il Cedro del Libano” is the perfect tourist guide for the promotion of Puglia and Basilicata regions through Cultural Tourism.
A trip among art, history, enogastronomy and tradition.

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Otranto, Lecce

The Apulian Gate of the East

City of prehistoric origins, it is the most oriental of Italy, with Punta Palascìa, which is just 35 marittime miles away from the opposite land, over the Adriatic Sea.

Many know this city with the name of “la città dei Martiri”, beacause of the Turkish invasions that in 1480 exterminated part of the population who declined to convert themselves to Islamic religion.

The imposing walls, the migthy bastions, the access doors to the city and the castle of Otranto will let you breathless.

In this itinerary you cam to visit the Museo della Conchiglia e del Corallo, which is in Palmariggi, a little village a few kilometers far from Otranto, that will surprise you with over 3000 specimens between shells, corals, sponges coming from the seas all over the world.

And that isn’t all! For the schools are planned educational and interactive workshops dedicated to clams.

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